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Here are some puzzles or games or whatever you care to call them. Difficulty level is my own opinion. Of course, an experienced fan will find all the crosswords quite easy, but... anyway, these are meant to be printed out.


See if you can identify all of Ash and Misty's Pokemon in this find-a-word. Look in all directions, including backwards. I think there are 27 words. Level: very difficult

Find a word

Cartoon Crossword

A crossword on general Pokemon knowledge, from the show. For people who are casual fans, I guess. Level: easy



3. Pokemon said to bring good luck.
4. Often produces thick choking smog.
6. Pokemon rumoured to have come from the moon.
7. City where Ash got the Thunderbadge.
9. The first Pokemon Ash caught.
10. Becomes strong when it has a headache.
12. Police officer.
13. Loves nothing more than singing.


1. Pokemon that Tracey earned the respect of.
2. Mode of transport for Ash in the Orange Islands.
5. Pokemon of Ash's that would not obey.
7. Ash got this at Cinnabar's Gym.
8. Pokemon nurse.
10. A weak electric-type Pokemon.
11. The boss of Team Rocket.

Snake Crossword

A crossword for my favourite Pokemon. ^_^. Difficulty depends on if you pay them a scrap of attention or not, but mostly not too tricky. Level: intermediate

Snake crossword


5. A Pokemon that Arbok easily defeated.
6. The Pokemon star of the episode in which Ekans evolved.
8. The attack Ash had Arbok use.
11. This Pokemon served Ekans drinks in a bar.
12. Snake Pokemon's favourite food.
13. An Arbok trainer in the game.


1. Japanese name for Ekans.
2. Snake Pokemon's type.
3. Unevolved snake Pokemon.
4. Arbok's partner.
7. Japanese owner of snake Pokemon.
9. Ekans' first attack.
10. The city by which Ekans can be caught first.
13. Arbok's last attack.
14. The evolved snake Pokemon.
15. Another element of moves that Arbok can be taught.

General Crossword

This is a bit more of a challenge. Level: difficult



3. Mascot of Cerulean Gym.
4. The last move Marowak learns.
7. Pokemon owned by Kay.
10. The city of the Joy with a sister-in-law in Viridian.
12. The person who Ash left Primeape to.
13. Has the signature move 'Waterfall'.
15. Version of game where Meowth can be caught.
16. The attack Brock's Zubat used.
17. The green city.


1. Fossil with Omanyte DNA.
2. Inspired Charmeleon to evolve.
5. The traded Tangela has been given this name.
6. Starter that knows 'tail whip'.
8. The first HM that can be found.
9. Where you can get the Metronome TM.
11. TM28.
14. Man who founded Cinnabar's lab.

Who's that Pokemon?

Images of five Pokemon have been messed around with. Can you identify them? Level: easy

Who is it? Cool looking, eh ^_^. It's a mutant... something-or-rather ^_^. Murked... Radioactivity!


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